Serving Nassau, Suffolk,

Brooklyn, and Queens, NY

Over 75 years drilling wells and one thing has never changed - our desire to bring you the cleanest, purest water directly from Long Island's natural aquifers.

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Proudly serving you since 1930

    Beginning in the early 1930's my dad Maurice started his own plumbing and heating business. He needed to sub-contract well drillers to  supply the water for the jobs. It came to be so difficult finding reliable well drillers that he finally decided to start drilling his own wells.

    He was so  successful at this that he gradually gave up plumbing and heating to specialize exclusively in wells. As a young man I saw the opportunity in the field and so instead of going to college I joined him in the well business. That was in 1948 after I graduated from high school.

    In those days we would improvise our own rigs out of old 1927 Buicks with attached "cat head" drives off the rear wheels. That was a method that was so dangerous that it eventually became illegal. In 1955 we bought our first factory-made cable tool machine. (What an improvement - a blessing!) Over the past 50 years the drilling equipment and materials that we use have changed dramatically. They are a lot safer!  We now have 5 rotary well machines that install PVC wells with stainless steel screens that are state of the art for quality and long term trouble-free service.

    Now my sons, daughters and grandsons are all working for the family business. In addition, we have numerous technicians that have been working faithfully with us for many years.

- Robert F Casola - President

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